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Learning Lithuanian (after Pimsleur)


If like me you’ve taken the Pimsleur Lithuanian course and then found that you’re completely unprepared for any conversation in Lithuanian apart from ‘I’d like 2 beers and would you like to come back to my place ?’ then you might find this post useful.

I really like the Pimsleur style of learning the phrase and repeating many, many times and then mixing it up to force you to try and build on what you know. It’s slow but it works and you speak with realistic pronunciation. The downside is that it does little to teach grammar and it’s very slow to acquire vocabulary.

I’ve also done their Russian course and because it’s much larger you do actually build up quite a useful vocab and you can always learn grammar separately from a book. Reading Russian is so much easier when you already know the words !

The problem with the Lithuanian course is that it’s only 10 lessons and realistically all you are really learning is a handful of phrases so where do you go next ?

For grammar, try this amazing verb conjugator: Cooljugator and the Debes?lis online course.

For more lessons, try Learn Lithuanian or Video Mokykla YouTube channels

Then I also discovered a very useful resource called 50 Languages where they have lessons specifically designed to build vocabulary. There is a very useful Android app which shows you word lists with corresponding sound snippets. From the website you can also download the actual sound files distributed under the creative commons licence !

So this gave me an idea; why not process these files in the style of Pimsleur to give more lessons that I can listen to in the car to build vocabulary. The original sound files contain an English phrase followed by the Lithuanian. So I wrote some software to detect the speech, play the English once and the Lithuanian 3 times with a long enough gap for you to speak it in between. I do each phrase once and then mix it up randomly making each lesson around 30 minutes from the original 2-3 minutes. It also mixes in phrases from previous lessons to help keep it fresh. They’re all fully ID3 tagged with cover art and lyrics which include the sentence text in Lithuanian.

The first 50 are here and I’ll do the rest when I need them, please help yourself :-


Pimsleur(Style) Lithuanian Vocab Builder 1



Special thanks to 50 Languages for the great original content.