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Vehicle counting with NM500 Neuromem

Introduction I recently purchased a Nepes NM500 ‘Brilliant USB’ which is 4 x NM500 ‘Neuromorphic’ memory chips behind a USB interface. Nepes provide an SDK for Windows, Linux and Mac OS but unfortunately no realistic example code so I wanted to build something real and share my experiences.   What is the NM500 and why…

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Using TensorFlow with Go

Having had some good success using DarkNet Yolo3 object detection, from C, on a Jetson Nano, I wanted to get a bit deeper and understand more about the underlying implementation of deep learning networks. TensorFlow seems the obvious place to start but I really didn’t want to use a horribly inefficient scripting language like Python…

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ChromeOS on a Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140

I needed a new computer and a new tablet but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I really like ChromeOS for simplicity and security as it has served my daughters very well through school and university. But I need something I can develop on as well as consume content so an Android tablet…

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Learning Lithuanian (after Pimsleur)

If like me you’ve taken the Pimsleur Lithuanian course and then found that you’re completely unprepared for any conversation in Lithuanian apart from ‘I’d like 2 beers and would you like to come back to my place ?’ then you might find this post useful. I really like the Pimsleur style of learning the phrase…

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Morse Code (CW) via USB

  Since I started studying for my Amateur Radio exam, I wanted to find ways to practice Morse Code. There are a couple of really good websites :- Morsecode.me – ¬†interesting and lively online chatroom where all communication is in morse code MorseBlitz – fun game for improving your speed by keying letters fast enough…

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RBS / Natwest Touch ID Security

Last week RBS / Natwest updated their banking app to include a convenience feature for customers of allowing authentication via Touch ID on suitably equipped iOS devices. Note that the RBS / Natwest apps are actually developed by a 3rd party Monitise. Monitise claim, on their website, ‘Monitise plc (LSE: MONI.L) is a world leader…

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